EvilWezil's origins are shrouded in a mysterious shroud of mystery. All that I know of Him is that He has traversed time and space to recruit henchmen and henchladies to do His vile bidding using an aural hypnosis device. Re-purposed from the scraps of a Nintendo GameBoy, this device produces carrier waves perceived by lesser beings as "music".

The sound is electronic, demonic, eclectic, and eerily funktastic. It can be identified by its heavy reliance upon square waves and white noise, and is frequently accompanied by his electric autoharp and vocalizations that erupt into maniacal laughter. Under no circumstances should these waveforms come into contact with your eardrums. If you feel you may have ingested this material by mistake, induce vomiting immediately and post pictures of it to the internet for My amusement.

My will be done, Amen.

¤ EvilWezil





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Known Aliases

Tech Specs

EvilWezil uses the program LSDJ (Little Sound DJ) on a Gameboy Advance SP to produce the electronic elements of His music. This was then recorded through a PISSbox (conceptual assistance by yours truly) to remove the noise floor and record the channels independently. Visit Kitsch-Bent for all your cartridge-based musical needs!

Known Accomplices